Talking About Condoms: Dos and Don’ts

Do use Some Lube with a Condom

While all condoms are enhanced with lubricants, it can wear out during an intense sexual activity. Therefore, add safe lubes like silicone and water based lubes to prevent breakage.

Use Only one Condom at a Time

You may want to change condoms in between the sessions but always wear just one condom at a time. If the condom breaks or slips off during sex, replace it with a new one.

Don’t Re-use a Condom

Re-using a condom is not only disgusting but it can also put you and your partner at a risk of getting infections and unwanted pregnancy. It can also cause discomfort.

Don’t Flush a Condom down the Toilet

After use, the best way to dispose of the condom is by securing the open end with a knot, wrapping it in some paper and placing it in the bin.

Although a condom does not guarantee total safety from STIs and unintended pregnancy, using it appropriately increases it effectiveness while enhance the experience for both partners.

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